“…15, 20 and 30 pound kettlebells (KBs) would be joining us for this installment of Urban Jungle…”

–Urban Jungle Backblast (October 23, 2013)

And with that, 12 real men of F3 Raleigh Wednesday morning planted the VSF and took to the frozen tundra of Fletcher Park.  Their guests?  Two freezing, 45-pound iron barbell plates.  What happens if one hits the ground before the end of Mary?  30 burpees all around. That’s right, 120% the weight, shouldered by half the number of Pax as the junior varsity our Urban Jungle brethren, and team penalty for a screw up. #nohandleseither


  • Jog around park and up two hills to field at top of Hamburger Hill
  • SSH x 20
  • Good Mornings x 20
  • Monkey Pumpers x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 8, Reverse x 8

Pax holding 45-lb plates do the best they can with each exercise, pass plate to another Pax after each exercise.


  • Mosey to bottom of Hamburger Hill
  • Jacob’s Ladder: bear crawl up hill, 5 burpees, reverse bear crawl down
  • Repeato 4x down to 1 burpee
  • Pax with 45-lb plates lunge walk up hill, reverse lung walk back down


  • Mosey to end of lower soccer field
  • 10 strict form Merkins (chest to ground, lock elbows at top), 10 sit-ups, 10 Prisoner Squats, followed by sprint to opposite end of field (100 yards)
  • Repeato x 10
  • #itsnotnothing
  • Pax with 45-lb plates rotate owners, do the best they can on all exercises


  • Pax do Mary exercise with plate overhead, rotating between exercises
  • Reverse LBC x 25
  • Rosalitas x 25
  • High Slow Flutter x 25
  • Freddies x 25
  • LBC x 25

Plates down.  Burpee count: 0


  • Strong work by the Pax today, way to embrace the suck after the initial comments
  • YHC was semi-offended at first after being called out for one of the “Top 5 D*ck Moves in Ball Bearings History,” to which one Pax responded with, “What would be the top four then?”  Will just take it in good stride, and say, “THANK YOU.” Aye!
  • Numerous Pax noted throughout the workout how the 45-lb. plates were much heaver than Orwell’s purse the 15 lb. KB’s known to sometimes crush the Urban Jungle crowd
  • Christmas party on December 19 — open to the M.’s as well
  • 2nd F tomorrow night
  • Mud run deadline is TODAY.  SIGN UP.