And with the VSF planted, 17 PAB’s took to the friendly confines of Roanoke Park to skip swim lessons get to some real work. Once again, this Pax out-puppeted Wilson’s cross-dressers? Orwell’s hand bag toting crew over at the beach.



  • Lap around the park
  • SSH x 25
  • Good Mornings x 20
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10, Reverse x 10
  • Prisoner Squats x 25


Pax divide into teams of four to tackle each of the four pain stations:


  • 8-Count Barbell Bodybuilders x 5 (timekeeper)
  • Mama Junk Flips w/ partner x AMRAP
  • Heavy KB Swings x AMRAP


  • Cinder Block Jack Webbs x 5 (timekeeper)
  • Sandbag Shouldering x AMRAP
  • Merkins w/ 45 lb. plate w/ partner x AMRAP


  • Medicine Ball Keg Toss w/ partner x 5 (timekeeper)
  • Overhead Bulgarian Split Squats w/ 45 lb. plate x AMRAP
  • Sandbag Alternating Step-ups x AMRAP

STATION #4 (Gun Show):

  • Bicep Curls / Tricep Extensions w/ partner (The Abacus?) x 10 (timekeeper)
  • Big 21’s x AMRAP
  • Overhead Tricep Extensions w/ curl bar x AMRAP

Pax complete AMRAP on each exercise until partner on timekeeping exercise completes reps.  Rotate as many times as possible within each station until time is called.

Once time is called, convene in center of park for the Roanoke Gasser The Munson. Sprint 40 yards to backstop, sprint back length of park up hill to sidewalk, sprint back to backstop (don’t crash).

Rotate to next station until all four teams have completed each station.


  • Several comments from #knuckledragger Pax this morning about the Heavy Metal gear far outweighing Orwell’s hand bag. #justsayin’
  • That said, no surprise to see that fellow #knuckledragger #mouthbreather King David absolutely dominated Dawn Patrol this morning. #tiredfromskiing
  • Prayers for Pax traveling this holiday season and with Dufresne
  • Also hoping for a speedy recovery for Dieter’s shoulder
  • Christmas Party tonight.  If you haven’t RSVP’d, there MIGHT still be time. 7pm @ Tyler’s.