A dozen dirty Pax + a stopwatch + several inner tubes + a million cones + one “no field access” sign + some rocks + one battle for the ages = Catalyst.

Caution: if you plan to use Carroll Middle’s football field, there is a restricted access sign, which directs you to call the principal for an all-access permit.  Setting up a field course is difficult to do when your conscience feels that there technically is no field on which to set.  Stupid conscience.

In any case,The Thang:

Start the stopwatch (no more than 10 minutes per section)

1. Warm-Up: Arm Circles (2 rotations), Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Prisoner Squats, SSH (6 minutes)

“Mosey” over to the basketball court, scoop of a healthy sized rock, and love it.2.

2.  2 Cycle Minimum: Diamond Merkins (on the rocks) ; Curl-Military Press Complex (with the rocks); Overhead Tricep       Extensions (with the rocks); Crab Merkins (press -> cross the rock -> press -> back across -> press…)

Trade rocks for inner tubes, and hit the track

3. Partner Up: 

  • Resisted Sprint (~30–40 yards) flapjack
  • Resisted shuffle (~15–20 yards) + turn and sprint to finish then flapjack
  • Resisted shuffle + sprint to finish then flapjack
  • Resisted Sprint and flapjack
  • (2 rotations) In 2 waves: Lunge walk (~15–20 yards), squat jumpx5; Lunge walk (~15–20 yards), squat jumpx5; plank while waiting for other wave

4. Beta Test The “?” = 8 cones in the shape of a question mark. (4 times)*

  • bear crawl from cones 1 to 3
  • roll from 3 to 4
  • get up and sprint from 4 to 7
  • shuffle from 7 to 8
  • sprint out

5. Wind Sprints x lose count.  Try to burn down the house a little bit here.  Also watch Orwell and Wilson battle for the right to brag about…something…involving how “fast” they “run?”  Be amazed, shocked, and baffled.

6. Mary

  • 6″ flutter
  • Dolly
  • Rosalita
  • Reverse LBC
  • 6″ Hold (Ring of Fire)



  • Continued prayers for DuFrense and his family as they grow through the health trials in their lives.
  • Prayers for Pablo Larios, recovering from an aneurysm, and his family as they continue to see marked improvement.
  • After a 4-day, 4-night stay at Hotel Duke, Elena’s been released into the Durham wilderness. Thanks for your prayer and support.
  • *The “?”  will to evolve and take, and once it does, it will be something special…agonizing, disorienting, and plenty fun.
  • The Wilson-Orwell Speed Challenge carried too many infractions to declare a clear winner.