Written and led by Caddy, posted by Maize:

Thirteen dedicated men ventured out after taking a day off to honor and praise their mothers and the mother’s of their children to battle North Hills park on a slightly cooler than usual morning.

The Thang:

Neighborhood run


                SSH x20

                Good morning x 20

                Imperial walker x 20

                Mountain climber x 20

Paint the line x 10 (burpies while running the parking lot stripes)

Wind sprints x 4 (length of parking lot down and back)

                Group 1 runs while group 2 (squat, standard merkin, wide grip merkin and LBCs)

                Flap jack

Mosey to the picnic shed

                The dip x 20

                Left/right step ups x 20

                Incline merkins x 20

                Repeat x 15

                Repeat x 12

The rock pile has been replaced with a pile of bricks

                Arm curls x 20

                Tricep extension x 20

                Repeat x 15

Group 1 defensive slide zig zag around parking circle

Group 2 exercise of choice

Group 1run the circle

Group 2 exercise of choice

Repeat 2 x

Decline merkin x 10


                Russian hammer x 20

                LBCs x 25

                Low slow flutters x 20

                Rosalita x 20

COT – announcements

                Memorial Day at 7:00 am at Pullen park… North Hills workout needs a nickname(give it some thought)… Susan Komen Race for the Cure is Saturday June 8th at 7:30 am at Meredith College(there is still time to sign up for the F3 Team on the Susan Komen Website.

Great time this morning guys. Thanks for your patience with an inexperienced Q.