Last night, in an effort to beat the drum and challenge the Pax to show up, YHC shared the classic Guinness Surfer TV spot. It’s an amazing, revered ad, which a coworker reminded me of just before I tweeted it out. At the time, I had no idea what we would do, or if it would even be worthy. After the workout, I attempted to share my thoughts on this spot and how it relates to F3. The idea is that we are drawn to those things that challenge us. That push us out of our comfort zones. Get us out of bed at ungodly hours. And focus our drive on getting the job done. We celebrate with our brothers upon victory, or upon defeat, pick each other up and prepare to try again.

Turn up the volume. And wait for it…

Extra Credit : 0515
9 men showed for a little Extra Credit work. They didn’t want to wait. It was short and awful. Swift jog to a nice, steep stairwell with extra short treads. Set of 11s w/ Double Merkin Burpees (#crowdpleaser) and Sumo Squat Jumps. 10-1 at top, 9-2 back at bottom, etc, etc. Run back to pick-up the rest of the crew.

Main Event : 0530
Eventually, upon our return, an additional 21 Pax gathered, greeted, fist-bumped and wondered where Epoxy was, bringing our numbers to an even 30. The cars were still rolling in when the clock struck, so we warmed up in place.

Warm Up
Plank Jacks x20, Windmills x20, #Plank4Costco, Mtn. Climbers x20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles F/R x16.
Head up w/ Backwards Run, Karaoke L, Karaoke R on the Ramps, and Run the Flats.
Mosey over to the corner and find a piece of wall. People’s Chair for all to gather.

Suicide Sets
Set 1: 4 line suicide ladder w/ Monkey Humpers and Star Jumps, for 5/10/15/20 reps.
People’s Chair for the six, then Derkins x10. Head down one level.
Set 2: 4 line suicide ladder w/ Burpees w/ overhead beam taps, for 5/10/15/20 reps.

Figure 8 Partner Sets
Cross Creedmoor Rd, stopping for Nipplers x10 before we cross.
Partner up. Partners run in opposite directions around First Tennessee building, then around the parking lot behind, in a figure 8 pattern. When you meet on the outer ends, do Hand Clap Merkins x10. When you meet in the middle, do Partner Derkins x10 each. We did 2 laps.

Return to base, stopping again for Nipplers x20 before we cross.
Circle up for: Prisoner Squats x20, LBCs x20, American Hammers x20, Homer to Marge x10.
Scooby Snack: 4 Burpees OYO, 7 Burpees OYO, 11 Burpees OYO.
Finish w/ WWIIs x15, Flutters x20.

Count-Off, Nama-O-Rama, Announcements, Prayers, you know the drill.
Cornhole Tournament May 21st. Grab a partner and signup:
Consider a donation if you can’t attend. Java and Goobs are event Qs.
The Arena workout at Healing Transitions is this afternoon, and every Friday, at 2:30. EC 2:00 run from Pullen. If you’ve never been, please go. And then sign-up to Q this summer. The guys out there need you.
Golf Tournament honoring ManRam’s father and raising funds for Traumatic Brain Injury.
Prayers for those Pax dealing with issues at home, for Screech’s father (return of Prostate Cancer), for Spin Class’s mom (still in ICU), for any I missed, and for all those unspoken.
Fazio took us out with eloquence.

During the extended Mary, Life Alert commented “He’s an angry Q.” And, while I hope I was delivering a beatdown worthy of the Surfers above, I was actually in great spirits. I guess handing out pain makes me happy.
Chippendale made an uncharacteristic stop at the mall today. The twitter chatter was thick the night before between Epoxy and Chippy, and Chippy decided to take the bait. Then the baiter failed to show. Epoxy is known to be a master at that. Wait for it…
Extra Credit crew wished they slept in. It was not pretty. But they crushed it like pros.
Weezy, Duff, ManRam were out front per usual. Strong work by all Pax.
Mumble chatter was at low chirp.
Coffetteria was 2/3rds full with around 20 Pax.
Happy Friday.

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me. It was fun.