23 PAX assembled for a Pulp Fiction themed Cletus. 99% humidity and 60′.  No FNG (but one new 2.0). Launched on time.

YHC took the men on a brisk jog to the parking lot near the rock pile.  Circle up for warmups.

  • SSH x 25
  • IW x 12
  • Hillbillies x 12
  • Good Morning x 15
  • Cotton Pickers x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 20

The Thang

After the warmup, everyone was invited to grab a rock and to expect to stay close with it for the remainder of the workout.

  1. Winston ‘The Wolf’ Wolfe Tribute: It took 9min 37sec for The Wolf to arrive at the “cleanup job” in the movie.  YHC took that as inspiration to do some Jack-Webbs with the rock.  The ratio of merkin to hallelujah was derived from the Royale with Cheese — a.k.a. The Quarter Pounder (1 / 4)… so 1:4 ratio. Yeah, it’s a stretch, but it worked.

    Much pain inflicted as we went counted incrementally to 9 merkins and 36(+1) hallelujahs for a final ratio of 9:37.   That resulted in 45 merkins and 181 rock hallelujahs.  Ouch.

  2. From there, we proceeded to a non-Pulp Fiction activity … an attempt at the “Rainbow Dash” – inspired by YHC nickname.

    Intentions were good, but YHC could have communicated better on the execution.

    1. 2 groups on each side of an “arc” around the perimeter of the softball fields. (1+2, 3+4)
    2. Groups 1 and 3 ran opposite directions across the arc (or dashed across the rainbow, if you will) to reach the stationary groups (2, 4); while holding their rocks.
    3. While the runners were in flight, stationary groups were doing either should tap planks, or WWII while they waited.

      This blew up from the get-go as some of the PAX took matters into their own hands and ran the wrong way (a.k.a. the long way) around the fields.   Nevertheless, everyone eventually reconvened on one side and prepared for the next pain station.

  3. Field of Dreams on the softball field.
    The PAX were distributed to each of the four bases.
    – FIrst base: AMRAP Squats
    – Second base: AMRAP Merkins
    – Third base: AMRAP LBC
    – Home: 7 Burpees (back to Pulp Fiction; nominated for 7 Academy Awards)

    The Home Plate group served as a timer.  When they completed 7 reps, they relieved first base, first relieved second, etc.

    After a full rotation, the PAX were instructed to rinse & repeat.

  4. After returning the rocks to the rockpile… PAX circled up for Jungle Boogie. (On the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction)
    During the playing of the song “Jungle Boogie”
    – Burpee for every “Get Down, Get Down” (Approx 20 burpees)
    – Monkey Humpers the entire time they are singing “Jungle Boogie” (approx 1:15 seconds of monkey humpers in 2 parts)
    – SSH in between these sections of the song.
    – Last minute of the song is ~1minute – great for a plank hold.

Mary & COT

Prayers for a brother’s wife recovering from surgery.  Announcements:

  • Discussion of future of Possum Trot after Stark moves & future of Mutiny w/ low PAX counts and reduced F-V PAX participation
  • Shirt order is open for South Wake – see link from Midget in facebook group or search on F3 Mudgear site
  • Emeril and CHiPs investigating launch of new AO at North Main Athletic Complex (Salamanders Stadium) in Holly Springs