For some reason, we had more PAX when it was 9-degrees outside compared to today (24-degrees) – and while most of F3Durham fartsacked this beautiful morning, 2 pax strapped on their weight vests and got to work.

warm-up: run, SSH, good mornings, arm circles

circuit #1: jump rope while 15 merkins, 10 block top shelf per arm – switch
circuit #2: jump rope while 15 merkins, 10 block bicep curls, 10 military press per arm – switch

leg jack webbs (can’t think of a catchy name for those) – 1 air squat, 1 tuck jump, 2 air squats, 2 tuck jumps, etc… secondary to some back pain, this was modified to air squats and side lunges at some point – up to 10/10

jack webbs – 1 merkin, 1 shoulder press, 2 merkins, 2…. 10 merkins, 10 shoulder presses

jacobs ladder: 50m run and back, 5 burpees, 50m run and back 4, burpees… 1 burpee

circuit #1 again: jump rope while 15 merkins, 10 top shelves – switch
10 knee up plyometric merkins
mary: 15 freddie mercurys, 10 FMs, 5 FMs


– props to everyone doing go ruck… today was the first time YHC had used a weight vest before… unbelieveable – t-claps to all of you… seriously
– on that note, if you want to participate in goruck, the townhall meeting, or anything else F3 related, please let me know