5 Chapel Hill sites are offering an extra special beatdown each day this week. Shooter punished everyone with endless stadium steps to start the week and then Assisi continued the pain with the Benoit. 30 PAX stepped up to continue the fun at Rameses. YHC loves an excuse to up the level so not one second to waste today.

Warmup: Run up OEC entrance hill with arms up and return back to parking lot; SSH, Windmills, Mtn Climbers, Merkins, Slow Merkins, 10 Burpees OYO

The Thang:
Start with a merkinfest to Thunderstruck to get things rolling. Amazing how hard this felt after the Vortex yesterday. Rucks were worn by some PAX

Split into two groups:
First group heads to the very bottom of THWM for a Jacobs ladder of burpees and merkins. This was terrible enough when Vandelay Q’ed it last week but since this was Hell Week, then we doubled the distance of the hill to climb.
Second group circles up with each PAX assigned to a weight – cinderblock or ruck or KB or dumbbell. Sets of 25 presses or swings. Rotate and repeat until time is called.
Halfway through the groups switch so that the runners meet the weights and the lifters get to run. The plan is that no one escapes without facing something they hate.

Circle up for Roxanne – SSH throughout the song and perform a burpee each time you hear Roxanne. Rucks were worn by some PAX

Head back down to the bottom of THWM for one final climb. Bear crawl halfway, lunge walk the flat part and then travelling burpees the rest of the way.

Out of time so no Mary today

COT: Impressive that this many PAX step up to the challenge fpr an above average beatdown. Congrats to Chachi for his new 2.0 and best wishes to My Little Pony and to Shanks for their impending 2.0’s