ACC Tourney Semifinal Day & 19 PAX gathered to workout to an ACC tourney theme.  Many were for the Heels, none were for Duke but some were against the Heels…aka Haters. YHC gathered all at 5:45 (some came for 5:30 EC) & with no FNGs there were no disclaimers.

Warmup:  35 SSH, 10 GM, 35 Windmill, 10 Imperial Burpees

The Thang:

Mosey to rock pile, bear crawl up hill leading to soccer fields.  BTW for 3 count by all, either “Heels, Heels, Heels” or “Hate, Hate, Hate” mostly were the chants.

Mosey to soccer field.  Line up. Down for army crawls on verbal “Puke” and up for lunges on verbal “Heels” across the field and back again.

Split location  Divide into Heels vs Haters.  Heels run to location 1 for 20 sumo squats, back to home for 5 double merkin Imperial burpees, to location 2 for 20 diamond merkins & back home for 5 double merkin Imperial burpees.  Haters start at location 2 then location 1.  Repeat with 20 monkey humpers at location 1 & 20 LBCs at location 2.  Repeat again with 20 star jumps at location 1 & 20 wide-grip merkins at location 2.

Rock work-  Mosey to rock pile, all pick a good sized stone.  35 rock curls, 15 OH press, 35 bent over row, 15 tricep extension.   Repeat.

Mary:  Modified poke the holes, Danas, American hammers, plank to end.

Announcements:  Sola 5 K on Saturday to support NC disabled veterans

Prayers:  Kuhar family at death of Frank, Buff family as Brad in ICU with pneumonia in Singapore (both friends of Dabo, Pygmy, Noriega, Wall-E & Barney Fife), Dink’s son new endeavor, Dingo’s daughter in gymnastics event.   Pothole took us out in prayer to Our Father.