The “metal” is a key piece of the great, unique F3 workout that is Heavy Metal.  Fortunately, the only thing more important are the PAX, and those were in good supply with 13 strong men as we found ourselves unexpectedly without access to any weights and made our way through an audibled workout.

We’re appreciative that Money Hose stores most of the equipment for Heavy Metal in his basement, and for his family’s understanding as we start dragging it out at 5:40 each Thursday.  As Fungo and I gathered in front of Money Hose’s house early that morning, Fungo commented that Money Hose hadn’t responded to the prior night’s text and we saw no signs of activity.  Knowing that he’d been on standby for the arrival of a new baby any day, we weren’t sure if Money Hose was at the hospital but later learned he was (unintentionally) catching some extra sleep as that’s soon to become scarce (YHC can credibly speak to this point with three 2.0s himself).  Anyway, we didn’t have access to most of the equipment, so gathered the men together and were on our way.

A couple PAX did roll out our one piece of equipment that resides in a neighboring driveway, the aforementioned rubber affectionately known as Mama Junk (for the uninitiated, a huge tractor/truck tire).  Since none of this workout was written down and it was created on the fly, all the details below are to the best of YHC’s recollection …


  • Merkins x 30  (a contender for the record # of seconds to first mumble chatter?)
  • SSHs x 30
  • Windmill x 20
  • Mountain climbers x 25
  • Quick lap around the park

The Thang

  1. Count off by 3s for three stations:  #1s flip Mama Junk back and forth; #2s do assorted forwards and backwards bear crawls and crab walks up and down the hill; #3s alternate Balls to the Wall and People’s Chair against the backstop.  YHC called time every 3-4 minutes and the groups rotated through each station once.
  2. Indian run for a couple laps around the park, then head to the basketball court and partner up
  3. Partner #1 runs two suicides on the bball court, with a very brief recovery in between; #2s use the (relatively high) brick wall alongside the court for various exercises like erkins, derkins, plank, step-ups, dips, etc.  Then #2s run while the #1s exercise.  All the PAX do a second round of each of these.
  4. Line up near the volleyball net with your partner.  Wheelbarrow to the backstop and back, switching who’s the “wheel” as needed.  Then partner carry to the backstop and back twice, again switching as needed.  With an odd number of PAX, YHC started doing similar exercises throughout the workout next to the others during the partner pieces and then jumped in along the way, especially subbing for a few of our guys nursing injuries.  That put Sexy Rexy in the unenviable position of getting to carry YHC.  He asked “how much do you weigh?” (that’s what she said) and after hearing my reply, seemed pleased that he was giving up 50 pounds.  He seemed to hold up well, although he may have become the latest injured PAX once the next day rolled around (bring back memories, Orwell?). 
  5. Everyone line up near the vball net again.  Do 5 burpees (by this point, Fungo had been experiencing burpee withdrawal and got started without listening for the sequence) OYO, then karaoke facing one way to the backstop and back, 5 more burpees, karaoke facing the other direction to the backstop and back, then 5 more burpees.  About out of time, so on for a brief …


  • LBCs x 25
  • Heels to Heaven x 20


Announcements:  F3 Dads (both sons and daughters welcome) on Saturday 4/25, we think at 9:15 at Fletcher Park but check the web site to confirm.  GoRuck Challenge coming in October (the 19th I think, but again check the web site) and targeted training opportunities are already available.

Prayer Requests:  Peach Pit’s father; Money Hose and family as the birth of the new baby approaches; sorry, think YHC forgot one or two others

We closed out together with The Lord’s Prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead a great group of men this fine morning, and for being flexible as we had a different type of workout.  I know there was at least one PAX who came out to Heavy Metal for the first time — please come back soon to experience the real thing!