The Arena at the Healing Place. Houses a few hundred men seeking God’s help and the power of fellowship with other men to set their lives right.

Around 2:15pm, guys are hanging out, chatting, playing corn hole, playing ping pong, tooling around with a guitar. Some guys are off shooting baskets. Others playing horse shoes.

But a few step forward. The guys who are residents are already tackling a lot. Hopefully, F3 means some physical fitness, some laughs and encouragement to keep pressing ahead in the power of God and with more men to be in fellowship with.

So, we stepped forward, and off we ran…

WARMUP – Classic Rock

SSH x20 / Imperial Walkers x15 / Std Mericans x20 / Good Mornings x20 / Half Windmills x20


Four cones. Leg exercises between them as such:

  1. Broad Jump to 1st Cone / Run to last cone / Run back
  2. Broad Jump to 1st Cone / Right Single-leg Hop / Run to last cone / Run Back
  3. Broad Jump to 1st Cone / Right Single-leg Hop / Left Single-Leg Hop / Run Back

One set, Classic Suicide Runs

  1. Broad Jump to 1st Cone / Run to last / Run back
  2. Broad Jump to 1st Cone / Burpee broad jump to 2nd Cone / Run to last / Run back
  3. Broad Jump to 1st Cone / Shuffle Run to 2nd Cone / Shuffle Run to last Cone / Run back

Recover on the run


Five-Cone Star. In pairs, Bear Crawl from middle to a star point for exercise, then lunge walk back in, rotate clockwise to next star point:

  1. Burpees x10
  2. Star Jumps x10
  3. Burpees x10
  4. Squats x10
  5. Burpees x10

Run it back to the front sidewalk


  • Good to hear some of the PAX with many days to report being clean. Keep it up, brothers.
  • Toy Story and McTwist both earned F3The Arena shirts for posting a second time.
  • Prayers for a Healing Place board member who lost a spouse a year ago.
  • Prayers for struggling family members.
  • Prayers for strength of recovery.
  • Gratitude for this day as a good gift from God, and that we would use it well to his glory.

Toy Story prayed.

Thankful to be with you men today.