Cool morning, big crowds, and hill repeats. That’s what you missed at Flood Zone this am.

Early Crowd…

Zipper (from the top) down and up the deck with 7 merkins on each level.

Partner up
P1 bearcrawls 50 yds then sprints back
P2 does 10 burpees / 20 merkins / 20 lbc’s
until P1 returns
Flapjack 2x

Late Crowd…

Zipper (from the top) down and up the deck with 5 burpees at each level

Mosey across the bridge to the grass field next to the greenway

11’s burpees / merkins

Mosey across crabtree creek, up Hingis Kahn to our favorite apartment complex entrance ramp.

Partner up
100 burpees / 100 merkins / 200 lbc’s to be completed b/w partners
1 partner is running the hill at all times

Mosey back down Hingis Kahn back to the start with hammers along the way


Great to see so many people Flood Zone week after week, but 37 is a problematic workout. Humbled that FZ has grown into such a popular site but now is the time to look for new opportunities. Growth is great, as long as it’s managed. For any interested pax, look at this as an opportunity to lead.

Pergo be taking over as the Site Q for Flood Zone in a few weeks. He’s come a long way with F3, glad he’s taking this opportunity to lead.

Welcome to YHC’s good friend King Chong(Jon Lohr), first workout comes one year after EH’ing efforts began.

Orwell took us out.

Always an honor to lead.