Thursday’s Q was followed by a long workday, then the opener for the Jaycee Park Yankees that night (12-11 losers….pulled 007 too early after retiring 6 straight.  He was getting into a groove, but I digress), followed by Ridgewood 2nd F, then boy scout camping for the weekend, etc….the backblast was on the back burner.  I knew it had to be done, but I just needed a little push.  2pm today text from Mister Rogers “Heavy Metal called, they want their backblast”.  So here it is.  Hopefully the Krispy Kreme Challenge won’t call looking for theirs.

Having been to HM for many months I knew the gear, stations, etc, but I really didn’t have a good feel for the length / dimensions of the park.  Had a pretty good idea of stations I wanted to do but also wanted to work in some running / movement between stations that would line the perimeter of the park.  Sooo, 11:30pm the night before after several beers I sat down and sketched out a diagram on a notecard.  The beers might have caused me to overlook a few details of the movement between stations (like how long the last group would have to wait for everyone to cycle through the first rotation, how far apart stations should be, etc., but it seemed to work out ok in the end).  Thankfully the kids had driveway chalk for me to sketch arrows and instructions on the ground as it was a bit confusing but not so tough for participants at this “thinking man’s workout”.  The Dawn Patrol boys would have been lost!

Warm-up:  SSH x 20, Fazio Arms circles ~ 10 each way, Good mornings x 15

Partner up, size doesn’t matter in this case (TNWSS).  2 min stations with various cardio exercises between stations starting clockwise with the location where Mama Junk typically resides moving around the outside of park.  Partners fill various stations to start and move to next station once group before you arrives at your station.  Epoxy and Marley serve at timekeepers.

Station 1 – Mama Junk flips with partner x 5; 5 jump ups….continue rotation until 2 min is up.  Bear crawl to bench in corner of park.

Station 2 – Partner 1 derkins on bench x 10; partner 2 Mary of choice until partner 1 complete.  Rotate for 2 min.  Bear crawl on road to station 3.

Station 3 – P1 L/R curls with pair of 20lb plastic Walmart / Golds gym dumbbells found at my house x 10 each arm.  P2 Mary of choice….rotate for 2 min.  Wheelbarrow half-way to station 4 (halfway point noted in chalk….you guys can laugh but I’m a cpa, I have to have “order” and switch wheelbarrow).

Station 4 – P1 tricep extensions with 45lb plate x 10; P2 Mary of choice…rotate for 2 min.  Dragon walk approx. 30 yards to station 5.

Station 5 – P1 and P2 overhead press 30-40lb bags of wood from my house for 2 min.  That will be the last of those b/c we burned them Fri / Sat (and not well at that) so the wife won’t be buying crappy bagged wood for me again.  Karaoke the rest of the left side of park down to middle of other end to station 6.

Station 6 – P1 bent over row with 45lb plate x 10; P2 Mary of choice….rotate for 2 min.  Wheelbarrow rotation similar to above to station 7.

Station 7 – P1 one arm press with small kettle bell x10 with each arm; P2 Mary of choice…rotate for 2 min.  Lunge walk to station 8.

Station 8 – P1 and P2 man makers x 5; Mary of choice rotation.  Jog to station 9.

Station 9 – P1 21’s with olympic bar; P2 Mary of choice….rotation 2 min.

I believe the timing worked out to where we made it through one full rotation.  Last couple of minutes spent gathering carry equip back to corner of park followed by merkins on Epoxy’s call.  No Mary as plenty of Mary done during stations.

COT:  Prayers for Dufresne and probably another…..sorry, can’t remember.

Announcements: 2nd F at Ridgewood.

Closing prayer.