Country Wide was signed up to Q, but became distracted by the weight loss challenge and opted to eat donuts post at Late Night instead.  YHC tendered the bailout package during which the Pax traversed the Raleigh Greenway system to climb Sisyphus, and then return.  All in – 3.2 miles, but that hill…

Extra Credit – 4 Pax for EC which consisted of a short run, Jack Webbs with Dips and Air Presses to 15, another short run, 5 pullups OYO, then a short run back to the assembled PAX.

Warm Up – Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walker, Good Morning, Mountain Climber – all IC to 15.  Sir Fazio Arm Circles, forward and reverse, IC 10 each direction.

The Thang – Not much to it, just a run from Crabtree to Sisyphus (and up) and then back to Crabtree with stops along the way.  Under the Glenwood Bridge for some rock work – Curls, Overhead Press, Bent Over Row, and Pull Downs – all IC to 15.  Continue the run and stop at the foot bridge for LBCs IC to 15, continue to the base of Sisyphus for Freddie Mercuries IC to 15, then we climbed Sisyphus.  At the top, plank progressions, Low Slow Flutter, and Dying Cockroaches – all IC to 15, back down the hill to the base for 15 Merkins, to the footbridge for more exercises which I cannot remember, then back to the Glenwood Bridge for more rock work – Curls, Overhead Press, Bent Over Row, and Pull Downs – all IC to 10.  Back to the start for Plank Progressions until all Pax arrived.

Announcements – Arena today is client led.  July 4th convergence – 7am at the Art Museum.  Several sites need Qs, including Flood Zone.  If you have not Q’d in a while, step up.  If you have never Q’d, ask someone to help.

Prayers – Spin Class is starting a new job.  Pray that he does not make a fool of himself.

Overdraft took us out with a solid reminder of the ideals that form the basis of our country and our system of government.  Everybody have a safe and enjoyable July 4th.


* I probably have the exercises out of order and I’m forgetting one, but that’s not really the point. The workout summary is basically long run with periodic stops for exercises.