A solid group of PAX doing EC to prepare for the Heavy in three months, returned to a growing group of Pax in the Jordan High School parking lot – Total of 24 PAX ended up being a part of this work out.

YHC was trying to come up with a challenging work out with mobility components, but that kept the group moving together. In hindsight, moderately successful.

Warm up
SSH ic x 15
SS seal clap ic x 15
Imperial walker ic x 20
Good morning x 15
Plank Jack ic x 20

Mosey to nearest wall:

1:00 peoples chair
1:00 balls to the wall

Mosey to middle bottom parking lot

The Thang

Little circle of pain:
In middle bottom parking lot, spread out to form circle and move in a clockwise manner

1st quadrant traveling merkin (~30 yards)
2nd quadrant frog jump (~30 yards)
3rd quadrant bear crawl (~30 yards)
4th quadrant crab walk (~30 yards)

Once each Pax returned to their starting location (plank for those whom arrived earlier), we transition to large circle

Large circle of pain:
Use lower road along guard rail (1st Quadrant), hill up to Garrett Road (2nd Quadrant), sidewalk along Garrett Road (3rd Quadrant), Road down hill to corner by entrance to track (4th Quadrant).

PAX were instructed to spread out to expand circle along the larger circle as described above – hoping for equal distribution.

1st quadrant triple jump traveling burpee (~50 yards)
2nd quadrant sprint up hill (~50 yards)
3rd quadrant Frankensteins halfway then transition to butt kickers (~100 yards)
4th quadrant lungewalk/recovery jog (~100 yards)

Return to bottom middle parking lot

Deconstructed burpees x 10

Bushwoods infamous cadre filled flutter kicks ic x 50
Heels to heaven ic x 20

Continued prayers for Ron Jeremy
Happiness that Finkel’s wife seems to be responding well to treatment

Thoughts and prayers to all that need support and healing and wishing all safe and happy Independence Day travels.

Thanks for the opportunity to get better