Superstar and YHC have become a great little tag team with F3.  This morning we decided to mix it up a bit with some music.  Some newer some older, but all enjoyable (well the music part…not the workout!)  After 4 for EC led by Pygmy (paint the line, run around, jump on stuff, do burpees – that kind of thing) all 12 pax joined together for the beatdown.


Jog around parking lot then SSH x 20, Sir Fazios front and back x 15, Mtn climbers x 20 and 20 burpees oyo (well done Superstar!).


We grabbed the shovel flag and did an Indian run around the park passing the flag back and the pax in back ran it back up front.  To a nice song about a flag.

7’s on the hill – bear crawl up burpees, crab walk down WW2.  Had to be modified because of time (not because people were complaining!)

Flag returned back to the parking lot and we did partner carries and merkins.

Brass Monkey Humpers – to the song Brass monkey (which Mr. Slate sang all the lyrics).  Humpers during chorus, sumo squat jumps otherwise.

Amrap Merkins through a song (only 3 minutes long but felt like an eternity.)

Ran to the “dirt pile” and partnered up – three trips up and down, partner does peoples chair.

Back to the lot for ww2 sit ups and 50 American Hammers (Superstar special).

Announcements – Convergence at Carroll Middle and Art Museum on the 4th at 7am.  Be there.

Enjoyed the time with Pax as always.  You guys push me to be a better man.  Thanks!