The cooler weather is feeling great as long as I’m layered up.  All the runs and F3 workouts during the hot summer months are paying off for guys smashing previous PR’s and attempting new challenges.  YHC was looking forward to talking with the PAX about their events and the details of their race.

The thang:

After a little EC run, YHC saw some cars filling the parking lot.  Bubblewrap steps out of the  car in his typical shorts and t-shirt while I’m dressed like an Eskimo.  YHC is ready to keep moving once 5:30 hits to stay warm. YHC leaves his dying head lamp in the car hoping that the PAX can light my way today.

SSH, Squats, butt kickers each x10 in cadence

Indian Run to White Deer park

5 laps from the picnic around the parking lot, 10 box jumps and 10 Derkins each round  OYO at your own pace (Any pace accepted at #GETTINTHERUNS!)

Foot release squats for the 6

Indian Run to back parking lot; with 4 guys YHC decided to have a little competition.

Teams: Stretch and Ziploc      vs.         Pickin’ N Grinin’  and Bubblewrap

Sprint to 3rd lamp post and back while the partner is performing air squats 3 rounds each.  Losing Team gets 10 Burpees.  Some may say I stacked the deck as I matched myself against Bronchitis man and marathon recovery week guy but Ziploc and myself dominated once we figured out it was a race.

Remainder of the time; Indian Run through the dark around Lake Benson on the trails with 2 lights from the PAX back to the flag.



Pray for the Hefner Family (YHC) building a home is kicking my butt, working all day and then doing plumbing, electrical, framing on the house until 10 or 11 every night is tough on the family.

Praying for Ben; still doing well in rehab and looking for internship program that he can start to work again.