There comes a time in a man’s life, where he has to do the right thing, and help another man go find his bird. Poor Richard is lost, and he needs to be seen and heard. Get out of your fart-sacks, tighten up your mechanix gloves, and let’s go find that bird! Pullen Park is under the lights, so neither darkness nor gloom can stop us!

The Thang:

Where’s the bird?! Run around the lake, mix in some step-ups, 20x irkins, 10-1 & 1-10 Jack Webbs, and stop off at some picnic tables. 20x long slow flutter, 20x cannon balls, 20x reverse LBC, 20x hammers. NO BIRD HERE, SO MOVE ON.

Is the bird over there?! Run around the lake again, mix in some step-ups, 20x derkins, 20x star-jumps, and stop off at another set of picnic tables. 20x dips, 20x irkins,, 20x squats, 20x single leg deadlifts, and some plank for good measure. NO BIRD HERE, SO MOVING ON

Did I see the bird over there!? Partner up, and alternate running around the carousel with dips, irkins, and derkins. DANG, NO BIRD HERE!

Is that a bird I see!? Next set of picnic tables, a bunch of other 10x and 20x stuff to blow your arms and legs. Stupid bird. Then more picnic tables, more exercises, and still no stupid bird! Maybe some box cutters, diamond irkins, hammers, merkins, irkins, derkins, and all that. Dumb bird.

Run back to the starting point, as it’s obvious we don’t know what this bird looks like since we have not seen him. Have you seen this bird? Please call if so, do the right thing.


#MyrtleMeter is off the scale. #ForgeMeter is a forgeary. Pun intended.

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