Double the Qs, double the pain. That was the intention at least. YHC can report that the PAX were 23-strong this morning, and in good spirits — at least initially. Boyardee and Marky Mark were ready to put their fortitude to the test.

Warm Up
SSH x50
Side to Side Lunges
Dry Docks
Half (Third?) Burpees

The Thang

Run up into SoVillage …

Planters: Dips, Derkins, Box Jumps – repeat. Happy to report no one ended up in the bushes.

Parking Lot: Bear crawl half way, run the rest and back, merkins upon return – repeat. YHC once again failed in an attempt to keep up with Spooky.

Parking Deck: Line up in groups at the outer beams. First in row does pullups while calling out exercise for the rest, continue until everyone has had turn at the front. Apologies for the tar on the beams, LP. YHC swears he didn’t put it there.

Hill: Lunge walk to the bottom, traveling burpees back to the top. Tough assignment for the FNG but the PAX was there to support him.

Green: Mary on grass (YHC heard a lot of groans as this began). LBC, Hammer, Parker Peter, Peter Parker, WWII.

Run back to the parking lot, stopping at the bus stop before sprinting the rest of the way.


Welcome FNG Motormouth

Thanksgiving has passed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still talk about being thankful. YHC was reminded while out of town during the holiday break about how fortunate he is to have a local F3 chapter, and one filled with so many great PAX members.

Congratulations are in order to Blindside and Au Jus for the soft launch of Animal House across town today. F3 keeps growing.