A mix of old and newish fellows showed up this am for some work in downtown Cary. The 2 year project on Academy Street otherwise known as the Chunnel project, (not really but it might as well have been as it took 2 years to essentially repave 1/4 mile of this stretch of road so that’s what Im calling it), is finally complete and is looks better than ever. Especially festive this year with many Christmas trees and wreaths and what not, it makes the Pax giddy with excitement. YHC wanted to take a page out of Banjo’s thick playbook and capitalize on the festive spirit with some work on that glorious stretch of road. Police honking horns at us, old men sitting in cars watching us, Burt yelling at random people, whats not to like? 45 minutes just flies by with that kind of fun!

Warm up: Jog down the hill and around to main street and stop in front of movie theatre. 10x good mornings, 10x IW (cadence counts!), 10 mtn climber, 10x merken, 10x SFAS forward and back. Mosey back down and around to start. Grab a concrete core. Jog with your new friend up road and to Academy. Stop at first Christmas tree. 15 burpess oyo. Lungewalk up the street to next Christmas tree and 10 merks. Hold for 6. Again next tree skipping one and 20 merks. lunge again to next skipping one and 30 merks. Run to end of the road and halt. squat waiting for 6. 10 burpees oyo. Get in a line and plankhold. 10 count down the line. Run back to concrete friend. Start back at first tree and repeat above only this time with dying cockroaches with concrete and lungewalks the same as before. Jog with your concrete back to movie theatre. hold for 6. 15 merks oyo. Jog back to start. Get in a line and down on your 6. get in hammer position and pass cores down the line. then back up line. Circle up and Cally called 15 dollys (shocker), Burt with plankjacks.

COT and prayers.

great group this am and lots of enthusiasm. Cadence counts were emphasized and Cally didn’t feel well. Oh well, he came but his attitude deteriorated towards the end. YHC gave him a pass this time. Franklin showed great poise and determination and kept YHC’s core warm with his. (yes, as awesome as that sounds). Angry Elf has immaculate squat hold form. Burt in capri basketball pants. The pax got a honk from a Cary PD officer. Probably like the cut of Nature Boy’s jib..dunno.