8 gluttons for punishment saddled up for a ride on the Juggernaut express. FNG Tinker Toy is a blast from QIC’s past. Nothing says summer time like 80F and 150% humidity at 5:45am… I’m sweating from getting out of my car. Enough about the heat – let’s hit it.
Jog around the lot
  • SSH
  • Good mornings
  • Nipplers
  • Windmills
  • Imperial walkers
  • Quick feet
Jog over the path and through the woods to the top of the rock hill
11s down and back – star jumps at the top, merkins at the bottom
Indian run to the baseball field – partner up
  • wheel barrow to first – partner derkins X10 flap jack
  • wheel barrow to second – partner derkins x10 flap jack
  • wheel barrow to third – partner derkins x10 flap jack
  • wheel barrow to home – partner derkins x10 flap jack
people’s chair
balls to the wall
To parking lot – laps around with partner adding up to total count per exercise
Carolina dry docks x 100
LBC x 200
sumo squats x 200