On a warm Wednesday morning the PAX came out to be led by their tribal elder.
Good mornings X10
Sir faxio arm circles with claps x15
Merkens x15
Hillbillies x20
Mountain climbers x15

Run up The Crick Parkway to the “Hill of Pain”
11s with burpees and squats at top and bottom

To the swing set
2 groups – one doing 10 pullups while others do 20 merkens
Switch – other group pullups and other does merkens

Repeato 3 times with dips and derkins

Run to the track area for Progressives</strong
Each station adds one exercise

1- burpee
2- WWIIs
3- nipplers
4 – Carolina dry docks
5 – Jack Webbs
6 – merkens
7 – LBCs
8- squats
9 – star jumps
10 – monkey humpers

Scissors x10
Poke the hole x10
Freddy Mercurys x10
Box cutters x10
Hammers x10

Nickleback – work
Spurrier – parents
Banjo – F3 brother
3 Doors – Uncle Pete, mother

As always, a privilege to work out with the brothers at The Crick!