1 year ago, a group of Raleigh pioneers stepped out of their comfort zone and into the urban jungle to help Riggs start F3Durham. Despite some growing pains and obnoxious grocery stores, we’ve managed to grow our pax to a respectable number with continued plans for expansion.

On our 1 year anniversary, 11 Durham and 2 Raleigh PAX saddled up for their morning downPAINMENT…

Warm-up: yog to the quad – SSH x20, merkins x10, IWs x15, mountain climbers x10, windmills x10, stretch

Split into 2 teams – group 1 performs an exercise while group 2 sprints 50m, performs an exercise and sprints back – once all pax from group 2 returns, switch
1. group 1: merkins, group 2: 5 burpees
2. group 1: air squat low hold, group 2: 10 air squats
3. group 1: freddie mercuries, group 2: 10 carolina dry docks
4. group 1: peter parkers, group 2: 10 tuck jumps

Mosey to the library stairs – 3 sets of right leg hop up and down, left leg hop up and down, bunny hop up and down

Merkin Marches: right arm forward merkin, move left arm forward, merkin, move right arm forward, repeato x10 each – next lateral marches, wide grip merkin, slide to diamond, slide back to wide grip, repeato x10 each

Run to the wall…
Merkins x 20
Prisoner squats x 20
Dips x 20
Repeato x 15, then x 10, then x 5

Run back to the quad…
Burpalacky Choo Choo
Plank in a line, burpees between men

Run to Wimbledon…
Walking lunge x 4 courts
Bear crawl the short side
Sprint backwards back
Duck walk the short side
Burpees x 10 secondary to corner cutting penalties

A little bit of Mary in the sand…
Rosadollies x 20
6″ leg raise x 10 count around


– Thanks to Chong Li and White Shoe for taking the time to commemorate our anniversary – I hope that we gave you a good workout and a taste of what we’re made of
– Tclaps to our newest FNG, Flipper, for busting it this morning – not an easy workout for your first day but he certainly did well
– I will reach out to my Raleigh brothers to help teach White Shoe what “walking lunges” are… he just kinda took long strides and called it walking lunges… he did it with such enthusiasm, including the flying birds when we attempted to correct him
– Coming in a few weeks, Thursday mornings at 0530 in south Durham (near Southpoint mall)… details are being finalized