Franzia and Singlewide decided to do a home and home. There were a few PAX who didn’t know or didn’t care and showed up to the normal site.

Ran a lap around the front parking lot into the park.

Circle up to do:

15 SSH/15 Imperial Walker/15 Windmill/10 Up Straddle Hops

Ran toward the pool at the north end of the park.

Interval Training
Running back and forth along the road in the north part of the park, 30 second jog, 15 second sprint, 30 second jog, 30 second exercise amrap
rinse and repeat five times

S1 – chill cut
S2 – prison squats
S3 – merkins
S4 – prison squats
S5 – chill cut

Ran back to the bottom part of the parking lot.

Team Building Exercise
Each person paired off and got across from each other underneath the handrails on the sidewalk. Going down the line, one pair would do merkins while the rest of the PAX did pull-ups on the bar all in cadence. Each set consisted of 5 count and we went down the line.

Rinse and repeat twice.

Run to the stage in the park.

In cadence:
5 erkins
10 dips
15 squats
20 LBCs
15 calf raises
10 arm raises
5 derkins
recover on the run around the buildings

rinse and repeat 3 times