A crew of fourteen men posted this morning to Cletus ready to train like Rocky in Siberia.  Today’s work consisted of the following:

Jog up to upper parking lot, circle up and warmup with 25 side straddle hops, 15 good mornings, 20 imperial walkers/hillbillys, 20 mountain climbers & hold position straight into 20 merkins, 20 Sir Fazio arm cirles

Partner up and grab a large rock.  Jog down to picnic shelter.  One partner starts out walking around the track with rock full extended overhead.  Other partner runs brisk pace in opposite direction.  Where partners meet, both drop and do 10 burpees and then switch roles.  Rock always moves in same direction/run stays in opposite direction.  It worked out to just about two legs of rock carrying and two legs of running for each group to complete one full lap with the rock.  As teams finish, do sets of derkins, dips, irkins, & box jumps on picnic benches.  Jog back to rock pile and deposit rocks.  Jog to tennis courts.  1 round of bull frogs across the two courts, partner bull frogs back across both courts.  Partner carry around full perimeter of both courts. Flap jack.  1 round of Crabs in a Bucket (line up along fence for balls to wall, first man drops, runs to end of line, resumes balls to wall position, next man follows, etc. until the full line has cycled through)

Circle up for Mary – 20 Ukrainian hammers, 20 low slow flutter, 20 LBCs, chill cut plank hold around the horn with an 8 count

Prayers for Gump and his family.  Kick off of South Wake’s newest workout tomorrow with a 6 am run leaving from Starbucks in front of Target in Holly Springs.  7 am 2nd F in Starbucks.  Wishes expressed to see some guys that were regulars back out in the gloom again soon (you all know who you are)