14 (and a ½) pax at Ambassador this morning. Ambassador? What is that, you inquire? Well, Merriam-Webster defines “ambassador” on page 423, 16 lines down, as “a gentleman of F3 who represents his home pax when he has the opportunity to post out of state.” Having traveled to Richmond and posted at DogPile, Horsehair brought back a gift from our bretheren in RVA. They call it “Sally.” What is “Sally?” Read on.

The Thang:

Mosey to the circle

20 SSH

20 GM

20 IW

20 MtC

20 PJ

20 Sir Fazios

20 burpees OYO

15 SSH

Mosey to the tennis courts for an intro to SALLY.  “Flower” by Moby. Start in merkin position, whth “Bring Sally up” go up and “Bring Sally down” down, ideally without touching the ground but no shame in going to the ground or to your knees.

Three man run including peoples chair and BTW

Sally again, this time on 6. Sally up – 90 degrees, Sally down – 6 inches

Mosey to the track

Partner burpees to 100

Partner LBCs to 200

Mosey to the baseball field

Rock rotation – 10 curls, 10 burpees, rotate rock x3

10 shoulder press, 10 squats, rotate rock x3

rocks back

Mosey to Yoda hill

Three gassers up, squats at top and bottom

Mosey back to lot

Plank clock on the 7s


2FNGs: Sally Up and Sally Down

Yoda has a work day at N2N. Looking forward to the finished project.

Flag football on 4/30 after Ambassador downtown. Bring $15 and courage.

Prayers for friends, their health, and their families, and the unspoken. Closed by Fazio.