But it’s necessary.

13 PAX turned out into the Flood Zone on the banks of the mighty Crabtree Creek for a humidity-filled beatdown.

Extra Credit: The original plan for E.C. was mall-walking partner carries. Rather than poke the security guard bear, the sparse crowd opted for a brief run around the AO to scout the conditions for the main event.

WARM-UP: Mosey to base of the ramp at the back of the parking deck for:
10 Good mornings
10 Sir Fazio arm circles
10 Reverse
20 SSH
10 Dying coackroaches

THE THANG: Run up the ramp to the first landing for the first set of B.L.I.M.P.s
B = 2 Burpees
L = 4 Lunges
I = 6 Imperial Walkers
M = 8 Merkins
P = 10 Plankjacks

Run to the second landing, second set of B.L.I.M.P.s

Run to the third landing, third set of B.L.I.M.P.s

Mosey to the parking deck bridge on the second deck and divide into three groups:
Group 1: Hold Derkin Plank on South Wall
Group 2: Bear crawl to North Wall, Tag a Group 3’er
Group 3: Hold People’s Chair on North Wall until relieved by Group 2’er, bear crawl to South Wall to Tag Group 1’er; assume Derkin Plank. Group 1 then bear crawls to North Wall. Repeat.

Mosey down the deck and across the pedestrian bridge to the Crabtree Creek Trail.

Proceed via Indian Run 0.3 miles (more or less) to the abandoned skate park.
1 set of B.L.I.M.Ps.
1 set of Jack Webbs 1×7

Proceed with Fellowship run 0.4 miles (more or less) along to the Green Mile to bridge crossing Crabtree Creek to second parking lot.
1 set of B.L.I.M.P.s
20 Prisoner Squats

Return Indian Run 0.4 miles (more less) to the abandoned skate park.
1 set of B.L.I.M.P.s
10 4-count Merkins, pausing 1/2 up and 1/2 down a/k/a “Pulse Merkins”

Return Fellowship run 0.3 miles (more of less) back across Crabtree Creek bridge to the AO

20 LBCs (peer led while YHC brought up the rear)
Final set of B.L.I.M.P.s
20 Rosalitas
20 Dying cockroaches
20 WWII sit-ups
20 Freddie Mercury’s
20 Fudd to Li’l Mama’s
20 LSFs
20 American Hammers

Announcements: Healing Transitions on May 17. $20.00 each with all proceeds donated to the organization. Duff encouraged participation.
Arena slated for this afternoon.

Rain Man offered a gracious prayer of thanks for health and asking for guidance to follow and lead with wisdom.

YHC excepted, the Coffeteria for Flood Zone is a true gathering of eagles. Always a bumper crop of banter and wisdom.

Excited to put a bow on year 1 of F3, and heading into year 2 at a faster clip. Grateful for Green Bean and Shake N’Bake for the invitation and looking for opportunities to pay it forward. See you in the Gloom.