Shovel flag planted in rock hard ground at Crucible for the PAX of 10. YHC got a text at 10:27 last night reminding me of my commitment to Q this morning, that’s how iron sharpens iron. Without it I’d been at another site committing a UA-6, a F3 violation worthy of full #ShaggyChallenge disqualification. I like themes so naturally something around the World Cup would be a simple go-to but it’s still hard being lighthearted about anything German (there is Top Secret!) after all these years and despite their performance on the pitch these past several weeks. There are the Scorpions, eh. You have Dirk, Boris, Katarina, Klose, Schumacher, Wilander  (oops, Sweden), Hasselhoff (US – German trade attempted but denied), but they take you down the road to nowhere in a remote part of Alaska. Perhaps the first line from Rock of Ages by Def Leppard (more on them later) provides inspiration, so I looked it up. The phrase is jibberish and means nothing….. perfect.

The Thang:

Warm-up Run with C.O.P. :: Good Mornings x 25, Spiderman Merkins x 25, Imperial Walkers x 25, Mountain Climbers x 25

Orwellian Indian Run two full laps on the trail, distance uncertain but it lasted several minutes

Push-A-Rama : CDD x 25, Wide Arm x 25, Standard Merkins x 25, Diamond x 15

The Elle “L” McPherson: Run the length of field and the baseline of field to opposite corner, stop for AMRAP reps and then repeat to original corner. 5 exercises over 10 runs for the following, LBCs, Star Jumps, Merkins, Flutters, & Burpees. Short run afterwards

Plank-A-Rama: Plank Jacks x 25, Chilcutt Hold x 25, TD Curls L&R x 20 each, Makhtar Dyia x 25

One more lap

Mary: Rosalita x 25, 6″ Leg Hold x 30

COT and that is all

Nake Moleskin:

– Sign up for the Mud Run October 4th! Deadline is now so don’t wait, it’s put up or shut up time. Gnard Dogg is counting on you and must answer to Coscto & White Shoe regarding results, help a brother out here.

-Prayers for the Fortier family as they cope with loss and a changed future. Prayers for the Dufresne family as well.

-I was planning to head to North Hills this morning because that’s what I’m used to, but going to Williams reminded me of how great the location is especially with the open field. Step out of your rotation and post. Better yet, Q a workout at Crucible or Ethanol.

-Welcome back Suzy Chapstick! Someone said 3 months, been a little longer than that I think. T-claps to Billy Hoe for sticking with the progam and to Cornholio for providing the accountability. Strong prayer today by Cornholio, site Q at Ethanol & now on twitter…follow him.

-Def Leppard is an overrated 80s band IMHO, but at least tolerable unlike such groups as ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Winger, Poison, Warrant & Extreme (yes, I lump those bands together with no apologies). Offspring used the same opener for one of their songs, need I say more? Check out the story behind the workout title, pretty funny actually.