A PAX of 7 including an FNG shook off the desire to fartsack and YHC overcame a hangover  to post in a downpour for an Easter Egg beatdown and a tour of North Hills parking decks.

The Thang

Warm Up- SSH, Good mornings, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Merkins.

Jog to Parking Garage 1 behind bank.  YHC presented the PAX with his basket  bag of 20 Easter Eggs.  Inside each egg was an exercise and a number.  The PAX had to complete the exercise run up parking garage ramp then open next egg repeato.  Exercises consisted of :

Bear Crawls, Suicides, Burpees, Merkins, Broad Jump, Star Jumps, Crab Walk, and Dealers choice.

After about 5 eggs the PAX would run to another parking garage or grassy knoll in North Hills.  In all 3 parking decks and the grassy knoll behind Chueys were visited and 20 eggs were cracked open.

The PAX also stopped at the World of Beer fountain for some rounds of step ups, toe touches and incline merkins.

The real fun started with the trek back to Carroll. The PAX bunny hopped up the stairs to Six Forks and then all ran down Six Forks with an Easter Egg held over their heads.  “Yes Virginia those are grown men running in the rain with Easter Eggs”, a passing car commented.

Peter Cotton Tail: More bunny hops up the Circle bank building steps followed by a run back to Carroll for some Plankarama.

Mary consisted of: American Hammer, Dying Cockroach, Six Inch hold with 10 count around, LBC, Nipplers and plank curls.

Finished, now you can go home and eat your chocolate bunny.


-Welcome FNG Crikey. (Mr. Erwin, post first name in comments)

-May 31st F3 Dads

-Prayers: – Dufresne and hope that all will realize the special meaning of Easter.

Imagine if you were faced with the decision to offer up your only son or daughter for sacrifice so that the world may be saved.  Would you do it? and how would you feel that soon after His and your sacrifice would be forgotten or ignored by many who you saved.

A wet ball of man and prayer by Fazio then off to dry warm clothes.