YHC arrived to find Greg Fishel was right.  There was plenty of fog, just as predicted.  This was going to be fun.  The VSF was planted, the disclaimer was issued, and we were off to take Ethanol on a victory lap at Williams Park before moving to a new site and time next week – 11/19 at Crabtree Valley Mall at 0530.  This morning we were going to keep it tight and cover as much ground as possible.

The Thang
Seal Jacks x 20
Good Mornings x 20
Windmills x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20

Run to the volleyball court.
With your partner alongside, Bear / Gorilla / Bear / Gorilla around the volleyball court x 2
(Here’s where the gritty gorillas in the mist came in)

Run to the shelter and grab a table.
Incline Merkins x 10
Dips x 10
Decline Merkins x 10
Alternating Left Right Step Ups x 10
Repeat Entire Set

Run to the hill.
Partner one charge the hill and five burpees at the top, partner two AMRAP Prisoner Squats – Flapjack x 3

Run to the soccer field.
Partner Carry (partner one carries partner two across the field), partner merkins (partner one plank while partner two merkin with feet on partner one’s back)
Flapjack back across the field x 2

Reverse LBCs x 10
Heels to Heaven x 10
Freddie Mercurys x 10
LBCs x 10
Low Slow Flutter x 10
Six inch leg hold five count
Diamond Merkins x 10

Prayers for Lo Pair (F3 Chapel Hill) who has been diagnosed with colon and liver cancer.  Treatments began Friday.
Prayers for Chili Dog of F3Wilmington who has also been diagnosed with cancer.
Praise for Swirly’s mom who is home from the hospital and receiving home health care three days a week.
Orwell took us out strong lifting up prayer concerns spoken and unspoken.

11/14 – Thirsty Soul Thursday at Larry David’s Office – 12:00 pm
11/19 – Ethanol will move to Crabtree Valley Mall next Wednesday with 0530 start.  Cheri Berry and Deliverance are your site Qs.
11/19 – F3 Connect at Mia Francesca at 11:30 am with Friar Tuck leading on faith and works.
11/27 – Thanksgiving Day Convergence at Dawn Patrol at 0700 and Ridgewood Turkey Trot at 0800 with PAX meting up at 0745.
12/4 – Second F Free Bowling at The Alley

As always, thank you for the opportunity to lead.  Two years today marks my first post (North Hills) after an invitation from Maize during Sunday School at ESUMC.  I had no idea what most of the exercise were.  I was just trying not to spill merlot or draw attention to myself.  When I started F3 I was in a rut and definitely a #sadclown.  With a busy career, a great wife, three small children (seven, five, and 8 months at the time), and numerous church and community volunteer responsibilities, I wasn’t sure how I would fit F3 into the schedule.

After my first post I was hooked.  I made time.

Shortly thereafter, the opportunity to serve came, most notably through Hopebuilder and getting to know Jim Young (Dufresne) and his family.  For me, the second F and CSAUP events came much later, but as many others have done, I made them a priority.  We’re all building the road 40 feet ahead of us out of whatever we can.  There’s a bond among the men of F3 and I’m grateful for the level of trust I share with you all.  The best part is the chance to EH someone new and share this with others.  As a former minister of mine shared years ago, “It’s one beggar showing another beggar where the food is.”  Indeed.  See you all in the gloom!