When the bell tolls, will you answer, or roll over and leave it to another man? This Saturday, 10 men heard the bell and chose to answer it at Pullen Park. I can’t remember exactly what it sounded like, but it felt a lot like The Murph.

The Thang:
SSH x25
Good Morning x20
Mountain Climbers x15
Carolina Dry Dock x15

The Murph:
1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 air squats
1 mile run

As individuals completed their assignment, we regrouped with some Mary. It probably went something like this:
Flutter kicks x25
Rosalita x20
Froggies x15
Plank hold, left arm up, left leg up too, regular, right arm up, right leg too, low plank hold, each at 10 count
LBC x30
Reverse LBC x15

Realizing we were still a few men short of 10 and quickly running short on time, those gathered became mobile and went on a search party for the others. Following the mile route, we tracked down our brothers and brought them back to the amphitheater. I turned this into a teaching moment about finishing together, but I think we were all just glad to be finished. Amen.

Moleskin etc:

Prayers out to Floppy Disk, who was scheduled to Q this Murph until his back went out Friday at Late Night. As his substitute, I am at least grateful it was a workout easy to remember, if not easy to complete.

Welcome The Nickler! T-claps to any man who completes a Murph on his first F3 Post. Hope to see you back soon.

That is all.