YHC had the Q at The Green Flash this morning-  my daughter did not get the memo and decided to keep the rest of the family up- All dang night.  My watch logged 2 1/2 hours of total shuteye – Not good for a sally that  likes his 7+ hrs of rest.  That said I showed up bitching about it and the grizzled studs that post at Green Flash didn’t really care.  They came to get after it-  Seriously the pax that post here are beast so if you Q this spot , in my opinion- you better be ready to play!  So regardless of my lack of sleep- play we did.  No FNG’s-

Quick run to the basket ball court;

Windmill x 15

Goodmorning x 15

Merkins x 15

continue to run to the bottom loop road to the school.

The Thang:

Starting at the cone- run to the 3rd light post (good little poke- maybe a couple 100 yds)

10 WW11 situps- return to the cone – 10 knee ups-

We continued this run from cone to light post counting down each trip – 10,9,8 and so on each trip until 1 and 1

plank/chilcut until all pax done


10 hand release merkins returning for 10 mountain climber (double count as 1) 10,9,8,- down to 1 and 1

I started to announce 3rd set- heard some bitching so off we ran;

ran to hill- bearcrawl the hill- continue run to the office building- rock pile.

4 corners with rock.

run to each corner of the parking lot with your rock- at each corner  did called exercise

curls x 10 run to next corner

overhead press x 10

next corner

tricep extension x10

next corner

squat x 10

return to first corner- pass your rock down by 2

Repeat 4 corners with your new rock

Indian run back to the AO launch site for Mary

LBC x 25

Heels to Heaven x 25

Have a nice Day!

Times is up.


haven house corn hole- get your team-sign up and support a great cause.

Air show in Goldsboro-

Prayer Request.

Screech’s Dad- having some post prostate issues- lift him and the family up in prayers and light.

Duff headlock on Dutch boy

Dutch Boy led us out- Thank you sir

Green Flash is a great AO and the regulars are Beast-  Post there it will make you humble, better.  Thank you for listening to me whine about my lack of sleep- Great way to start the morning.  ISI

Aye, Fudd