Great showing of 16 for the first post by Brandon, a Holly Springs/HSRC celebrity and now former member of the resistance.

Warm Up:

Jog to in front of amphitheater

SSH x25

Fazio Arm Circle x20 (half forward/half backward)

Mountain climbers x20

Shoulder tap planks x20


The Thing:

Catch me if you can indian run:

Man in front pushes Brandon

Man in back does 3 burpees and sprints to front to take over pushing duty

One full pax rotation


*Partner up & mosy to amphitheater*

10 minute AMRAP

One partner does 10 box jumps/10 derkins/10 dips on repeat while other partner makes a lap around the track, swap when running partner gets back. Brandon pushed entire time.


“Recovery” – slow merkins on my down and up x10


10 minute AMRAP

Laps on the track, station at each corner. When you pass the amphitheater do a burpee in the grass for each lap

  • 10x Get ups
  • 10x Derkins w/feet on white fence
  • 20x Squats
  • 20x LBCs


Mosy to tennis courts

In partners, while one partner holds balls to the wall the other partner does Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear suicides (mid court line, end of first court, 2nd mid court line, other fence):

  • Bear crawl to middle of first court, crawl bear

Switch partners – much groaning and cheering occurred.



Homer to marge x20 IC