Lots of twitter and text chatter Thursday about the forecast for Friday morning — 90% chance of Thunderstorms. But there was a 100% chance that a workout would take place. If no thunderstorms, there was a beatdown in store over on the path. If we did have thunderstorms, there was a beatdown in store under the shelter. 4 PAX showed up for EC, and since rain was pouring down sideways we started under the shelter with merkins, step ups and LBCS. After 2 more PAX braved the rain and floated in, we made the decision to stay put, which meant The Deck of Death. YHC couldn’t find a deck of cards in the dark house, but no worries, there’s an app for that. Each suit is an exercise – pick a card (or touch the screen) and perform the number of exercises on the card. Here’s what we ended up with:

120 burpees
120 dying cockroaches
120 diamond merkins 
120 box jumps.

Finished the deck in record time, so we enjoyed a round of one-leg People’s Chair, 2 rounds of Balls to the Wall, and finally a couple of rounds of Mary – one PAX calls an exercise then runs to trash cans and back while the other PAX perform AMRAP exercise.  Exercises were low plank hold, LBC, Iron Cross Dolly, Heels to Heaven, Homer to Marge, Freddie Mercuries, Boat Canoe, American Hammer, Mountain Climbers, low slow flutter and 3 more I can’t remember but they all hurt.

Counted off, shared names, an announcement for the Forum, then had prayer requests for daughters of 2 PAX. CDC took us out.

YHC was torn about staying under the shelter – i had a nasty workout i was stealing from Les Nessman that would have been great in the rain. Could we get more soaked than Mr. Rogers’ last Q? But after hearing thunder and seeing lightning I’m relieved we chose the shelter. Here’s why. We were pushing through the deck of death pretty hard, so after hearing some thunder we took a breather for a quick story. I was in my mid-20s and some people I knew were out on the lake and heard thunder. They immediately drove to the dock, but while they were getting the boat out lighting struck and killed a guy —right in front of his fiancé. Since then if I hear thunder or see lightning i’m immediately heading for shelter. This story combined with the prayer requests for the daughters of 2 PAX stuck with me all morning. There’s a 100% chance we are going to face thunderstorms in life. In the blink of an eye you may lose someone you love, your child may get sick, you may lose your job  – whatever it is we all have something to face. But there’s only one way to deal with the threat of thunderstorms – live life at 100%. Get up and workout when it’s raining, take your wife on a date, help your kids with their homework, make time for the bible study, buy lunch for the homeless guy you run into. There’s a 100% chance you have the opportunity be present and be a blessing to someone every day – don’t miss it.