As we were waiting for the witching hour to begin, cars and trucks are pulling in – PL made a mad dash to the woods to lighten the load…note to self stay on the pavement. 15 in the PAX this morning, a couple new faces to DP so a short disclaimer was given which included no Box Jumps (Ron Burgundy) and no WWII Sit ups (Slow Glow) and we are off…..


A little mosey around the parking lot, SSH X 20, Imperial Walkers X 15, Merkins X 20, Fazio Arm Circles X 15 – hold it – Seal Claps X 15 – Hold it Reverse Fazio Arm Circles, Good Mornings X 15


Paint the lines, Hop through the first set of Ladders and Merkin Shuffle through the second set of Ladders X 2.  PAX do LBC”S while waiting for everyone to finish.  Next on the list was BLIMP – Serpentine – increasing 5 at each station. 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges, 15 Incline Merkins on the curb, 20 Merkins, 25 Prisoner squats.

Indian Run down the Greenway take a right on Glenn Eden to the Rock Pile – Grab your pet rock and circle up for Curls X 15, Rock Press X 15, Bent Over Rows X 15, Tri-Cep Extension X 15, Pass rock to left REPEAT, pass rock to left REPEAT. Mosey to the Greenway entrance and do step ups on the boulders X 15.

Friendship Run to the top for 10 Burpees OYO while we were waiting for everyone….word came that one of the PAX lost his breakfast in the woods.  The PAX did a good job of fertilizing the woods this morning.  Continue friendship jog to the basketball courts for some MARY.


LBC”S X 20, Elmer FUDD to Little Mama X 20, American Hammer X 30, lay on your backs for 30 seconds of reflection to think of someone that may need your help today.


Count off, Nameorama, prayers for those going through tough times,

CDC took us out eloquently as he always does.


In my reading prior to the morning workout I came across an article – It started by stating if a drug company could make this pill it would be the top selling drug ever….The Pill – Gratitude.  Rather than listen to me try to remember the all the benefits here is a link to the article.

Always a pleasure to lead and be a part of F3.