Welcome one and all to the grand opening of a new CARPExDIEM site, Dante’s Peak.  Yours truly, newly minted site-Q almost slept through his alarm and missed the opening, but I made it, albeit slightly behind on when I wanted to get there.  25 PAX showed up to support the new site.  Shout-Out to Largemouth and Callahan for shutting down Danger Zone for the day to show camaraderie amongst the two Friday workouts.  Weather is good, no FNGs, so off we go.

Warm Up

Friendly run down the parking lot and then, throwing out many of the PAX transmissions, backwards run!!!.  Circle up for the warm-up:

10 Good Mornings
15 SSH
15 Hillbillies

10 Cotton Pickers

The Thang

Now begins the tour of the new site!  Run to the first bridge and call a bear crawl down the bridge, slipping and sliding on the fallen leaves and straw, but what a new site without opportunities to mumble chatter.  Friendly run to the next intersection, with a karaoke run in-between to show, out there in the dark, is the Frisbee golf course and over yonder is the dog park, both future opportunities for pain.  At the intersection, Q instructs PAX to get a non-traveling rock from the nearby pile.  Many, many good selections according to the chatter.  Circle up for a few standard rock exercises, curls, presses, triceps, and of course rock-rows.  Now, holding rocks over head, count off 1’s and 2s or something like that.  Put the rocks back.

Next on the tour, we mosey over to the amphitheater area of Dante’s Peak, working our way up the seating to the shelter at the top.  Time for the PAX to split up, 1’s running down the hill and performing starjumps while 2’s stay where they are and do LBCs.  Flap jack a couple of rounds, mixing in plank holds, squats, and of course burpees.  Now, time to take advantage of the shelter, we split between BTLW and triceps work.  The PAX got waaay too loud, not realizing there are houses right next to where we are.  Rumor has it, some of the neighbors did hear and were wondering about the noise.  We will need to be a little more considerate, letting the locals forget about our transgressions.

Next up on the tour is parking lot work with, of course, merkins at the intersections, plank holding at the end of the parking lot.  To get back to the main parking lot, Q calls for 1s and 2s Indian run, taking the scenic route around the park.  This effort by the PAX was probably the worst run I have ever been a part of, at some point the 2s were running down the main street.  Not the best effort and certainly not great leadership by the Q.  Oh well, most made it back to the main parking lot physically unscathed.  Last on the tour was a quick stop at a basketball court for some suicides and people’s chair.

Back to the parking lot we circle up and perform a couple of Mary’s before Hotspot gave me the all done signal.


Count-a-rama:  25 PAX!


Pig Picking October 22nd, Krispy Kreme Challenge sign-ups start on the 15th.  Christmas par……

It was an honor to lead you men this morning.