5 PAX earned extra credit for a pre-F3 ruck session at 0500. 6 more PAX joined in for the last workout of 2014. No traditional warmup today as the group descended to the bottom of Laurel Hill. The ascent was an Indian run with stops for 20 merkins and 27 dips along the way and a lot of heavy breathing.

The Thang:

Jog to Intramural fields and each PAX chose one exercise from burpees, double merkin burpees, mountain climbers, LBC’s or WWII’s. The group ran across the field and did 10 of the first person’s exercise together and returned across the field and planked. Once everyone was in a plank, the group did 5 merkins. Then, repeat for each person down the line. Already out of time unfortunately so the rest of The Thang was suspended until next time.

Run back to OEC for a quick Mary:

20 x ski abs

20 x oblique reaches


Thankfulness in general for F3 and optimism for what 2015 holds in store for each of us. TClaps to Lo Pair for continuing to be a beacon of strength and fortitude that motivates and inspires us all. Looking forward to F3 Chapel Hill blossoming in 2015!