While 28 PAX attended the “awards show” at the Forge, 12 PAX arrived in the gloom at Shelly Lake for an actual workout.

The Thang:  Run up Millbrook Road to the loop and over to the pullup bars.  Circle up for the following exercises while 2 at a time peel off to do 5 pull-ups:

SSH x 30
Imperial Walker x 20
Prisoner Squat x 20
Arm Circles Forward/Backward x 10

Continue running on the path to the rock pile on the far side of the loop and grab a rock for the following exercises, passing your rock to the right after each movement:

Rock Curl x 15
Shoulder Press x 15
Tricep Extension x 15
Rock Squat x 15

Return the rocks then Indian Run to the Bridge.  Lunge walk the bridge then move on to the parallel bars on the path up to the upper parking lot.  Each PAX does 5 dips, then moves on to the upper parking lot.  Partner up here.  P1 sprints to the end of the parking lot, then runs backward on the return, P2 remains at the starting point and performs a given exercise, Flapjack.  Exercises were:

Standard Merkin
Star Jump
Squat Jump
Maktar Jai

Exit parking lot, run down Millbrook Road to lower parking lot for Mary

COT / Announcements / Prayer Requests and Cinderella took us out