9 PAX braved some icy, slippery conditions today at Ball Bearings.  While not a great morning to run on pavement, it was a superb morning for pullups.  And unlike last Friday’s Wolf Run, no one took a spill today.  DISCLAIMER GIVEN.  Off we go.


Run to stone circle with some sidwalk hops along the way.

SSH (40x); Mountain Climbers (20x); SSH (40x); Mountain Climbers (20x); Windmills (20x); Fazio Arm Circles (8x; reverse — 8x).

The Thang:

Incline Merkins w/ Clap (20x); Pistol Squat (Left) (20x); Decline Merkins (20x); Pistol Squat (Right) (20x); Incline Merkins w/ Clap (20x); Single Leg Deadlift (Left) (20x); Decline Merkins (15x); Single Leg Deadlift (Right) (20x).

Run to shelter with some sidwalk hops along the way.

Parter 1 does Pullups (5x), while Partner 2 does French Dip hold.  Flapjack — 5x.

Run to field.

Carolina Dry Docks (10x); Sprint; Carolina Dry Docks (10x); Sprint.

Diamond Merkins (10x); Sprint; Diamond Merkins (10x); Sprint.

Wide Grip Merkins (10x); Sprint; Wide Grip Merkins (10x); Sprint.

Standard Merkins (10x); Sprint; Standard Merkins (10x); Sprint.

Lunge walk across field.

From the base of hill: run to the tree, do Burpees (first time 3x, second time 2x, third time 1x), Bear Crawl down hill, and plank (with 10x of Merkins thrown in for fun).

Run back to shelter.

Dips (20x); Pullups (5x); Dips (15x); Pullups (5x); Decline Merkins (10x); Pullups (5x); Decline Merkins (10x); Pullups (5x).

Run to House of Cats.

Mary: Freddy Mercury (20x); WWII Situp (30x); American Hammers (20x); LBCs (30x).


The Krispe Kreme challenge is February 8.

The Tir Na Nog Kilt Run is March 1.  Buy your kilt today (or borrow one from King David).

The Go Ruck challenge is May 3.

TARP is leading the THE GUN show tomorrow (Jan 23) at Heavy Metal.  It’s not to be missed.