Although there was the threat of ice and snow in apocalyptic proportions, and survivalists had emptied the shelves of every store within 200 miles, two were willing to face the end of days with a beatdown. Little did we know that the ice and snow avoided Southwestern Wake County. The ground was warm enough that what frozen precipitation that may have come melted and evaporated. So those who chose Action Park arrived to find a few small puddles and nothing more.
Run the road around the tennis courts and proceed with warm up exercises when we arrived back to the cars. Side Straddle Hops x 30, Imperial Walkers x 25, Mountain Climbers x20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 x 10, and Good Mornings x 20.
Step over to the Tennis Courts for the first round. While Money Hose’s Bear-Gorilla-Bear-until-you-puke remains legendary, YHC thought we could take a lesson from the master. But 4 tennis courts is hard to divide into three. At least at 5:50am. So we did Bear Crawl 2 courts and Gorilla Run the next 2. 20 LBCs and Karaoke back. After having been on the DL for 6 weeks the Bear-Gorilla was a bigger challenge than YHC anticipated. And we performed only 1 round.
People’s Chair x 30
Carolina Dry Docks x 20
Run the road around the courts and back in for round two
Bear/Crab/Reverse Crab/Gorilla – one court each and 20 Freddy Mercury’s. Return to the start by running backwards.
People’s Chair x 30, American Hammers x 20
Run around the tennis courts, Recovery Plank x 20, Putin x 20, Sarkozy x 20
Halleluiahs x 10
Six Minutes of Mary including Low Slow Flutter x 20, Rosa-Dolly x 20, Dying Cockroach x 20, Windshield Washers x 20
We closed with prayer after a quick discussion on those who were missing this morning.