Apparently my previous pre-blast wasn’t detailed enough so in the spirit of self-improvement here goes.

Warm-up: run to back parking lot and do regular exercises with some “next we’re going to do…” “starting exercise move”, “starting position”, “next up is…” just to freak the OCD folks out and make them feel alive.

Partner up then run to the base of the hill and do 1 merkin at the bottom, 10 prisoner squats at the top. Down and back until it’s 10 merkins and 1 squat. Plank it out when you’re done.

Jog to pond then run to dock and do 11 wide grip merkins, 11 sumo squats near corner, then 11 diamond merkins on the bridge. See how long it takes for people to get bored then make way to parking lot for COT.

Your QIC is working through a back injury so if he’s crumpled down in pain on the trail anywhere just push him to the side so he doesn’t get run over.