Arrived a little early to set up some cones on the upper field and noticed about 15 cars already parked along Washington St.  Wow – I thought – how nice of all these Ball Bearing ITB’ers to arrive early to greet this OTB’er in his maiden BB Q.  Turns out it was just a record crowd for EC as Ben Johnson apparently led with a simmering pace on the 5k warmup.  Au Pair, of course, noted that the record crowd for EC was likely just an indication that the pax didn’t expect much of a workout from this OTB’er and had to get a sweat in prior.  Lending credence to this theory, Vector Victor cut out as soon as the EC run was over for a “meeting”…

Whatever the case, an impressive mix of veterans (oldies) and young guns totaled 25 pax for this edition of Ball Bearings.  Here is what went down.


On the lower field.  Good morning x 15, mountain climber x 15


Merkin Mile.  1 mile run stopping every 1/4 mile for 25 merkins.  Did the Washington St. loop twice.  Country Wide busted me afterwards – turns out this loop is more like 1.3 miles – oops.

To the lower field for Bearpees.  Line up along far sideline facing hill on opposite side.  1 burpee followed by a 4-count bear crawl; repeat until you get to the other side.  On the return, same thing but 2 burpees.  Plan was to keep going until we hit the 4:4 ratio of burpees / bear crawls, but my hands were numb so audibled to next set early.

Over to the shelter.  Grab a spot on a picnic table.

Dips x 10 IC, Pull Ups x 5 OYO, Dips x 20, Pull Ups x 10, Dips x 10, Pull Ups x 5

To the concrete retaining walls by upper trail.

Derkin x 10 IC, Box Jumps x 10 OYO, Derkin x 20, Box Jumps x 15, Derkin x 10, Box Jumps x 20

Head to the upper field, where 4 cones were set up about 10 yards apart.  Time for the DMC:

Duck walk to first cone, 5 Merkins, backward bear Crawl to start, duck walk to 2nd cone, 10 merkins, backward bear crawl to start, etc. until hit 4th cone with 20 merkins and return.  Crowd pleaser, and no I did not make up the name Au Pair – stole it from a Greenville SC pax – yes, it’s a stretch, but sounds cool.

Prisoner squat x 20

Sprint to opposite end and back.


Freddy Mercury x 20, American Hammer x 30, Hollow Rocks x 10, LBC x 30


Announcements – come to the Alley 11/17 7pm.  Just show up, no need to sign up.  M’s welcome.

The holiday party announcements have begun!  Dec 17th 6:30pm.  Tentative location is Little City Brewing.

Come out to a Haven House and/or Arena workout soon.  Both sites need some new faces.

Prayer requests – all unspoken today.

Polaroid took us out.

Thanks Red Card for the invitation to Q – great site despite its geography!