Clemsoning (verb) The act of delivering an inexplicably disappointing performance.

  • 630 total yards of offense
  • 33 1st downs
  • 12/18 3rd down conversions
  • 6 touchdowns

If you promised me that performance going into the game against Pitt, I’d take it 10/10 times. But…

  • 9 penalties for 101 yards
  • 3 interceptions
  • 43 points allowed

That’s how you lose to an opponent you should beat. Given that I live on Tobacco Road though, 90% of you reading this checked out of football season when preseason basketball started, not because you were excited about basketball, but because your football team was already irrelevant nationally by then. #goacc Besides, NC State football is just something to disappoint you until NC State basketball can disappoint you.

But I digress. On to the real reason you’re here. No Clemsoning from the 25 PAX that showed up to tackle the General Assembly. No FNGs, so we broke the huddle and took the field.

1st Quarter

  • Run down to the city plaza at the end of Fayetteville Street for warm-up.
    • SSH x 30
    • MC x 30
    • Merkins x 30
    • Good mornings x 15
    • Prisoner squats x 15
    • IW x 30

2nd Quarter

  • Run back up Fayetteville Street towards the Capitol Building, stopping at each stoplight for 10 hand release merkins. Plank for PAX to regroup.
  • Run down Fayetteville Street back to the plaza, stopping at each stoplight for 20 squats. Plank for PAX to regroup.
  • Run back up Fayetteville Street to the Capitol Building, stopping at each stoplight for 30 LBCs. Plank for PAX to regroup.

3rd Quarter

  • Run around to the Halifax Mall, lunge walking a bit on the way.
  • People’s chair 10-count from each PAX
  • BTTW 10-count from each PAX
  • LR step-up x 30
  • Dips IC x 15
  • Box cutters x 30
  • Freddie Mercury x 30

4th Quarter

  • Run back to the bottom of the Bicentennial Mall. Plank for PAX to regroup.
  • Merkins x 30
  • On your stomach. Pop up and sprint to the top of the mall.
  • LBCs x 30


Post-Game Notes:

  • Bowling tonight at the Alley 7:00-9:00.
  • Custom GORUCK date is April 29th (according to Pepe)
  • Geddy had a strong takeout.

Thanks as always for the opportunity to lead. Go Tigers.

QIC: Popeye
Workout Date: 11/17/16
The PAX: If you were there, you know.

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