Warm Up: Side Shuffle Hops, Good Mornings, Mountain Climbers, Merkins – all x25. Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 each direction.

Tha Thang: Indian Run from fields to parrallel bars, a fun time with 14 guys to pass when you’re coming from the back. Split into the three groups: Merkins, Dips on Bars, Prisoner Squats x25. Rotate stations. Make a path for Tomatoes who happened to have found your resident Math Wiz, Abacus. Do another rotation of Merks/Dips/Squats x25.

Indian Run back from bars, past soccer fields, to the pull-up stations, even tougher now with 15 guys to pass. Split into the same three groups: Pull-Ups x10, Burpees x15, Box Jumps on tables x25, rotate stations. Rinse and repeat.

Yog back to soccer field for a little Mary: LBCs x50, Russian Hammer x25. Now starts the fun: continuous Mary, no breaks, until each PAX has jumped up, sprinted the 40 yards to the cone and back and passed off to the next PAX. What did this entail? Reverse LBC x25, Rosalita x25, WWII Sit Ups x25, High Slow Flutter x25, Heels to Heaven x25.


Mole Skin:

  • New Workout on Wednesdays at Martin Middle School called High Fidelity starting July 24th.
  • New Workout on Saturdays at Carrol Middle School called Catalyst starting August 3rd.
  • Prayers for White Shoe, who, at that very moment, was probably putting his life into Tecumseh’s hands.