Apparently Riggs and Doogie went a little overboard on Saturday with the pain train. No matter because 3 tireless PAX, without the usual playful banter of Floyd, got to work early…

Warm-up: yog, SSH, arm circles, stretches

Plyometrics: 10 meters down and back x2
high knees, butt kicks, side shuffles, karaokes, q4 kneeups R & L, q4 hurdlers R & L, bounds

10 derkins, 10 dips, 100m sprint – repeato x10

Plyometrics: same as above 10 meters down and back x1 set

Mary: LBCs, supermans, alternating V-ups, side LBCs, reverse LBCs, hellolitas/rosadollys/boxes


-unusually tough given how easy it sounded
-the top deck of a parking garage at 0450 is really quiet with Floyd isn’t complaining…
-get ready for Saturday – Paparazzi takes his first shot at Q – dare I say “beast mode”?