YHC hopped in the truck to make the short drive to Rolesville Main St. Park Satiddy morning and an oldie but goodie by Tim McGraw was on the radio, “Down on the Farm”. Fitting start to my day. 11 PAX post this balmy AM to get down on the Farm, here’s what went down.


SSH X 20
IW X 20
GM X 20
Windmills X 20
MC X 20


Run down out the park, down Main St. towards Roger Road. Came within a block of our 2nd F spot of the Coffee Lodge there was mumblechatter of early java curls before the workout. Sharp lefts were taken and we moseyed back to the community center baseball field.


Partner up an grab an innertube. 5 Star stations setup, start in the center. P1 will chariot race to cones, PAX will do said called exercies and P2 will chariot race back to center of start through 5 star stations.

R1: Partner 1 chariot races out, Partner 2 chariot races back between each set.
Station 1: Burpees X 10
Station 2: Standard Merkins X 20
Station 3: Plankjacks X 30
Station 4: Prisoner Squats X 40
Station 5: LBC X 50
Plankorama still all PAX complete

R2: Partner 1 chariot races out, Partner 2 chariot races back between each set.
Station 1: Manmakers X 10
Station 2: Diamond Merkin X 20
Station 3: Starjumps X 30
Station 4: Sumo Squats X 40
Station 5: Moroccan night clubs X 50 CDC
Squat hold stil all PAX complete

R3: Partner 1 chariot races out, Partner 2 chariot races back between each set.
Station 1: Surpine Burpees X 10
Station 2: Partner Derkins X 20
Station 3: Bronco busters X 30
Station 4: Badonka squat X 40
Statoin 5: Boxcutters X 50
Plankorama still PAX complete

Indian run back to flag.

MARY: (YHC heard audibles for ‘no Captain ‘Mericas’ today)

Captain Americas 1 x 4 up to 10 X 40

That’s all I got.


– Nameorama
– FiA (Females in Action) launches next Saturday, 0815 after the Farm. Send your M’s!
– Agoge Mondays 0545 Wake Forest SEBTS campus.
– Excalibur Thursdays 0545 Knightdale Station park.
– Mudrun April 30. We have 10 HC’s, need two more to have all 3 NE Wake sites ‘reppin, step up.


– Nader’s sister chemo treatment going well.
– Lucky’s brother and continued recovery from leg injury.
– Moonshine has friend who is a father of 4 with kidney failure looking for a donor.
– Casey Kasem’s M recovering from wisdom teeth procedure.

Johnny 5 took us out.

2nd F at the Coffee Lodge afterwards, ALWAYS a good time.


Great work by all PAX today. High reps on some of the star sets today but also having a brother by your side makes it somewhat easier. Give you that push, that encouraging word, the motivation to push through and accomplish that goal. Good to see how The Farm PAX are starting live life together, checking in on one another, getting families together outside of workouts. That’s called building community and your life will be better for it! So I encourage any PAX who have gotten this far in reading my BB to reach out and catch up with a PAX, an old friend, family member this week. It will encourage you as much as it will them.

Always a privilege and honor to lead alongside you gents, AYE!