Five faithful entered the predawn gloom in search of a little pain.  The early runners departed, followed shortly by the second wave.  With it being a holiday, no one else was on the trail, and no one was seen until the runners startled a couple who had driven their minivan up the trail and were having an early morning …umm “encounter”   No other signs of life were seen until the run was over and the wanna-bes started arriving for their morning rituals.


We ran our 2.9 mile loop around Lake Johnson followed by a mini COP.  Each member took a turn Qing an exercise or two.  Times continued to be good 23 to 27 minutes for runners.


Great to see some of the guys who ordinarily can’t make it out on a Monday use the holiday as an excuse to grab some early morning pain.  There was lots of grumbling about knees, and muscles still burning from Saturday’s beat-down (and this was before the run).

With the darkness of the trail it is recommended runners bring headlamps, or some type of white cane to feel for the trail ahead.  We had a few stray off the asphalt a few times, luckily none fell into the ditches we cross over.