What happens when you are in town and everybody else is out on vacation?  Go to F3, simple!

Today marks the official 6 month anniversary of F3 in Raleigh!  We had 12 PAX show up with 1 of them as a FNG.  As a smaller group we get a better workout and no chance of OBT calling out a ProblematicWorkout on us in Raleigh.

The Thang:

1/2 murph: 1.3 mile run, 50 pullups, 100 pushups, 150 squats- completed in 21-28 minutes

Plank/Mary while the PAX finished up the half murph

When we were all together, we did:

lbc x20, slow high flutter x20

Chilkut Plank contest to 71 count (2:10 when all but 3 PAX had fallen down)


Run to the ampitheatre w/ 50 walking lunges along with way.

Incline Merkins x20, Dips x20

40 squat/lunges back to center circle

SSH x20, Good mornings x10, Arm circles 10 each


Run up the stairs for:

backwards walking lunges x30

Pistols x20 (10 per leg)


Run to the upper road and loop around the the shovel flag, minor stretching and COT


tclaps for the faster times on the half murph

tclaps to Yogy for being an FNG and making it through the leg burner

tclaps to the PAX for doing a lot of real pullups, only a few non pullups were seen.

We did the half Murph to see what our times would be like in half.  We also focused on form and doing it correctly instead of racing through and taking shortcuts.

Pistols ended up being a pain point for many.  CK got cramps after that.

tclaps to Chong Lee for saying the squat lunges were easy, then going back on his word after we had already done 20 of them

At coffee afterwards we had 7 show up and the topic of what F3 exercises would we not want to do if we were wearing speedos.  The end result was we were not going to allow speedos in Raleigh.