8 PAX this morning.

Typical Warm Up.  SSH X25 IC, WM, Merkins

Off for a run around the school on the way into Meadowmont.  We turned left before the bridge and vertigo nearly set in because the pitch black.  Stop Immediately for some MTN Climbers X20 and Merkins X10 while our eyes adjust.

Off for a run into meadowmont and the base of a big steep hill.  Frog Jump to the top of the hill and plank it out.  Run through the cul de sac and to the fountain.  20 Irkins, 10 Step ups on the fountain each leg.  15 derkins

Indian Run through meadowmont to the base of the Rizzo Conference Center.  Travelling Burpeees nearly to the top of the hill.  Walking Lunge Back down the hill.

Indian Run to the entrance of OCL.  Bear Crawl down the hill stopping OYO for 5 Merkins X5 times before reaching the bottom of the hill.  Frog Jumps back up the hill to the stop sign.

Mary:  LBC, Heels to heaven, Apple PIckers.

The Frog Jumps were a nice little leg warm up for those doing the 9/11 stair climb tomorrow.

Prayers for an 8 year old patient and his family facing an illness.