Today, YHC celebrate one year with the brotherhood of F3.  On a frozen Wednesday morning 365 days ago, Money Hose, Coach D and two FNG’s posted for Beta I at what would be named “The Crick”.  Having just finished a marathon a couple of months earlier, YHC was looking for something new to add to the fitness routine.  When Coach Dougherty  emailed, I fought, “What the heck, let’s give it a try…” That morning it was 12 degree F. F as in Fahrenheit not the other “F”.  Completely confused by this guy that introduced himself as “Money Hose” and then hearing how this guy had no training or any idea where he was or what he was doing, he said “Follow me”.  And the three of us trudged off behind Money Hose. Within minutes, I learned that not all fitness is the same….  Running 26.2 miles has nothing to do with mericans, iricans, dericans, and a Sir Fazio Arm Circles.  Money Hose also taught us the importance of the disclaimer, being the excellent teacher that he is, he expertly found a broken waterline that had created an ice skating rink across the cement. As we watch the demonstration of gravity and proof of ice being slippery, we hoped that Beta I wouldn’t end with “Q” going to the hospital.  He popped up as fast as he went down to warn us to stay away! During the workout YHC met an overweight FNG that I honestly thought might have a heart attack right there in the parking lot.  One year later and about 80 pounds lighter, this guy can now bring the pain with the best of them…  The PAX of F3 realize the importance of your first COT. It is what we wait for as we bring an FNG through his first workout.  Usually, they are dazed, holding back the merlot splash, and a little mentally slow.  As the namemorama begins they are confused by these names…  Who names their kid, Money Hose, Coach D, Snapchat, The Situation, Oflex, Singlewide, Ventura, Bob Ross, Epoxy, Cinderella, Nessman, Birkenstock, Maize, Chong Li, Spurrier, Wahoo, Watson, Nickleback, Erie, CK, Dial Tone, Candlestick, Kanye, Cunnighham, Dig Dug, Starbright or Van der Beek? Then, they realize it is time to be branded by the brothers of F3.  Your name is given to you, like your parents gave you your name, no choice. It is bestowed upon you for you to live up to.  At that first post, we ended gathered in a ball of man, 4 PAX – Money Hose, Coach D, FNGs – Candlestick and Kanye –  and we humbled ourselves to the One that gave us this brotherhood.

The Thang:

– Mosey to Parking lot loop. Back pedal, run, back pedal, run, Karaoke, run, Karaoke, run

– Circle up

– SSH x 30

– Good Mornings x 20

– Merkins x 20

– Imperial Walkers x 16

– Mule kicks x 20

– Half Windmills x 16

– Air Squats x 20

– Mosey to the hill

– 11’s Merkins at the top, air squats at the bottom

– Mosey to the big bad wolf

– Separate into groups of three

– One group merkins, one group star jumps, one group carry the big bad wolf

– Relay the big bad wolf between the three groups across the soccer field x 2 per group

– Partner up

– Relay with partner to 365 lbc’s one partner runs to the “bear cave” while the other does lbc’s until a total of 365

– Bear Crawl Suicide x 7 parking spaces

– 52 American Hammers to finish the morning.


Good work by all. Tclaps to Wahoo and Watson for their second post in three days. The group is strong and getting stronger.  No ten counts no rest, solid.

For the men of F3, we know what it is to trust your brothers – each post, in the gloom, you hear the warning and know you are about to take a risk freely and on your own, but I doubt there is a man of F3 that when called by the Q to “follow me” will step back from the challenge.

Kickstarter week two Monday 6 AM Leesville Community Park bring an FNG and show him the power of “follow me”.

Prayers for Spurrier’s nephew, and Van der Beek’s Grandmother.

YHC took us out.

It isn’t getting easier, you are getting better.